Golfers Gamble – No Risk, No Reward

And the foursome stopped in the dappled sunlight to behold the most unique Par 5 in all of golf.

6th hole on Kings North at Myrtle Beach National Golf Club

Nicknamed “The Gambler,” the par 5 6th hole challenges the daring golfer with an island fairway that offers a shortcut to the green. Choosing the shortcut leaves a fairly good chance of going for the green in two, thus the “Gamble.” Layup safely right and you will always wonder, “Could I have done it?

Jack Nicholas designed, Kings North is one of three courses at Myrtle Beach National. Southcreek and West Course are the other two.

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14 thoughts on “Golfers Gamble – No Risk, No Reward

  1. Ah… My hubby likes to, as we say ‘Flog’ – and he often feeds the Cracken (any water source). But he makes enough good ones to keep going back…

    One year when on vacation in the south – I played 9 holes with him. Made par on one hole – I think that was the last time I played 😉

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      1. I do some cardio classes, yoga, tai-chi, bowl once a week, walk when it isn’t freezing (I live in a four season area)… and write!

        I’ll let hubby gift me free time when he ‘Flogs!’ – I’ve got a nice yard to enjoy fresh air too. ~Thanks

        Just don’t feed the Cracken too many golf balls 😉 (From that one golf commercial where the Cracken actually has picked up a golfer… and the whispering announcers wonder if he’s got enough ‘club’) 😀

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  2. My hubby likes to play golf but hasn’t played for years. Once we left Florida, his golf buddies were gone and his game slipped away. What an interesting story about “The Gambler”. I imagine many a golfer became frustrated trying to play that hole. I love the photo and perfect for the prompt. Thank you for joining in.

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