Lost in a Nightmare – #99WordStories

April 3, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a dog in the desert. Why is the dog there? Who else is involved? Is there a deeper metaphor you can make of the desert? Go where the prompt leads!

Sabbatical: A rest or break from work. A concept based on the Biblical practice Shmita (sabbatical year), which is related to agriculture.


“Jason, please come in here.” He hesitated when finding Terri sitting on the sofa. She motioned, “Please, sit.”

Whisper-quiet, Terri spoke, “Jason, you seem distracted, worried. We are concerned. Is everything ok?”

Not wanting this conversation, Jason mumbled, “It’s all good.”

“I’ve spoken with the partners, you are a valuable colleague, but we need you 110%. Take some time off, 6 months, a year, get yourself together. After, if you want to come back, your job will be here.”

Stunned and speechless, Jason left.  Six months? A year? He wondered, can you fix when you don’t know what’s broken?

A typical sabbatical is given every 7 years. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the workforce were given these extended periods of rest, instead of getting so burned out they can’t perform their best and ending up like Jason?

11 thoughts on “Lost in a Nightmare – #99WordStories

  1. Sabbaticals have traditionally been restricted to the academic world, and something those of us in corporate life could only dream of. Smart companies are catching on to the value of these kinds of breaks and are starting to offer them. I recently learned that one of the major competitors of the company I work for offers a six-week paid sabbatical to their employees every few years. Looks like I chose the wrong company. LOL

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      1. The funny thing is, I used to work for a different company that was acquired by the competitor that now offers sabbaticals. If I’d stayed, I might be enjoying some time off now. LOL But that’s water under the bridge, and I’m grateful to have a job I enjoy and happy to only work four days a week so I can have a day to do other things.

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    1. Some may not even realize, or fail to acknowledge, there is a problem until someone points it out. People with hearing loss, for example, may not know they are withdrawing for society.


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