Create Garden Gold – Tips for Composting

I am sure we would all agree that compost, aka “Black Gold,” is one of the best avenues to beautiful, plentiful gardens.

Composting does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. Here are some tips for creating “Black Gold” to improve your soil and feed your plants quickly and easily:

  1. Reduce the size of your material to speed up composting.
  2. Spread newspapers around your plants and cover with soil – this enriches the soil, recycles the newspapers,  and prevents weeds.
  3. Collect kitchen scrapes in a coffee can; when it is full, dig a hole and bury the scrapes. Next time pick another spot.
  4. Rake or mow leaves and put them into large plastic trash bags. Punch holes in the bags, water thoroughly and tie the tops. They will be ready for your garden by Spring.
  5. Collect kitchen scrapes and put through a blender with a little water for instant plant food.
  6. Do NOT compost meat, bones or dairy products.
  7. Dry coffee grounds and sprinkle around your plants – this is especially good for acid loving plants such as azaleas.
  8. Feed plants with water from cooking vegetables, potatoes, etc. and any leftover coffee.

Do you have a composting tip to share?

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