Premonition – Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: premonition

What is a premonition? I would say it is a feeling, a vision, a dream.

There are people in this world who believe they have premonitions and can foretell the future, I know some, maybe you are one or know someone who believes they can.

I don’t know if premonitions are reality because I don’t take mine seriously.  Ones I have had in the past usually don’t happen. I have had a number of dreams, feelings about people dying, and they have lived.

I did have a premonition once that it might have been good for me to have listen. I was driving home from work one evening and had to pass the Lottery Parlor. Three numbers flashed through my mind and I said, “You should stop and play those.” I didn’t.

When I heard the Pick-3 lottery results that evening, those were the numbers. I could have won.  I don’t remember the payout. I don’t gamble otherwise I would probably be out much more than I would have won. So I count myself ahead.

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