Rhythm in Composition

In response to post by Rupali mazzeepuran on Studying Rhythm in Composition, having not studied Photography or Art Composition I was not familiar with the concept of rhythm in photography . I did study music in my youth so perhaps I subconsciously made a connection. After going thru my photo files I found. Examples: A lineup of beertaps at the Sierra Nevada Brewery, hnydroponic lettuce growing in a community garden greenhouse, johnny jumpups still in their pots.

sierra beer taps

hydro lettuce


And other of non-repetitive (elements that create a mood or flow). I love the ocean and found many photos of sunrises, sunsets and waves.Other examples: my crab apple tree in bloom and a babbling brook.trees in bloom

babbling brook

This photo of water cascading over a dam seems to contain both types of components.


I would love to hear whether or not I am understanding the concept of rhythm in my photographs. Please leave in comments.



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