Flower of the Day – Roses

Stop and smell the roses.

We moved in our house 2 summers ago.There were two rose bushes at the corner of the patio. One, on the sunny side, thrives. This bush on the opposite corner, struggled to survive, competing with the roots of a crab apple tree and a downspout that would soak the poor rose when it rained. And, it got little to no sun. It was pitiful.

One day last summer I decided it had to get dug up and discarded (perish the thought) or moved. After several days of more neglect trying to decide what to do with it, the roots started to dry out and the leaves were getting curled and brown, I got out my trusty shovel, dug a hole and planted the bush. The location was not ideal, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out. I was surprised when it was the first of my rose bushes to flower this year.

Myrtle the Turtle likes smelling the roses and is happy too.

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