Curtis’ Reading Challenge

Thank you, Chris, for the shout-out on your challenge today.

Today is catch-up day and the start of a new book, actually it is not the start, but a continuation of one I was reading. I haven’t read for a couple of days and when I picked this up, I realized why, it just is not that interesting to me. It is too unbelievable. Can you imagine being on a cross-country flight and having someone breaking fingers and arms of other passengers and no one notices?

In response to the question, How do I choose a book? Typically I go on other people’s recommendation, rating and reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, either title or author. Lee Child is supposed to be a highly acclaimed author and his Jack Reacher series get very good reviews. So when I saw Never Go Back at the used book store, I picked it up. Ken Follett he is not.

I may put this aside and go to my next option, Sandra Brown’s Lethal. It is tough to maintain a reading habit if what you are reading hasn’t captured your interest. I have read other Sandra Brown novels and enjoy her writing. But it has been awhile. Let’s see how this goes.


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