#readwithcurtis – Challenge has ended

Curtis 7-day reading challenge has ended and I have just gotten into a new, more interesting novel.

I have put Never Go Back aside. Life is too short to read bad books. There are too many good books, to struggle through one you aren’t enjoying.

What did I learn from the challenge?

  • This was my first multi-day challenge. It was hard to post every day, even with prompts.
  • I did read all but one day, guess I like that more than my computer.
  • I enjoyed the challenges of reading and posting.
  • Other participants must have been using other social media sites, I didn’t see any postings on WordPress. I missed hearing what others were reading and talking about.

To fill you in on my newest read – A young widow and her 4-year old daughter find an injured man on their lawn. They take him in and discover he is the person being sought for a mass killing at a trucking company. It is not by accident he has turned up on their lawn. He is looking for something her dead husband had hidden, or so he believes. Did he really do the shooting at the trucking company or is he being framed to cover up an illegal trafficing operation. Was her husband really a dirty cop? I’m sure more questions will come up as the story develops.  Guess I will go now and find out.

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