What are you reading?

It was a rainy Memorial Day weekend, not much good for anything except restaurant eating or curling up with a good book.
Hoping to find a sale at our favorite used bookstore, Mr. K’s, Bud and I set out Sunday morning in hunt for some reading material. He found 3 and I found 3 – Dean Koontz, a new author for me; Jo Nesbo, I recently finished “Midnight Sun”; and Sandra Brown, a favorite author of mine from way back.

The other books on the stack: Hemingway’s Short  Stories is a Library book which I have read most of the stories; “The Madmen of Benghazi” is one I had picked up last time at Mr. K’s. It is a political thriller along the lines of a Jack Higgins novel.  I will be finished with this in a day or so since they are saying rain for all week.

BTW, We did not find a sale at Mr. K’s. It is this weekend. I didn’t find any of the books from The Great American Read, that I hadn’t already read anyway.

Are you watching TGAR? What are you voting for? What are you reading now?

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