100 Greatest Novels

The Great American Read 2018 was an effort by PBS to find America’s best loved book. 100 novels were chosen by survey and were available for your vote to determine Number 1. Meredith Vieira is hosting an 8-part series on your local PBS station or online which kicked-off yesterday.

Check it out at ww.pbs.org/the-great-american-read/home. Read the list, join the book club, take a scorecard quiz. How many of the books have you read? Join the conversation and share your story, vote (one vote per day).

If you are like me and others, you will find many to vote for and you will have some not on the list.

Today I voted for “Gone With The Wind.” Not being an avid reader in my younger years, I picked this up one weekend in college and read it cover to cover the same weekend, foregoing my normal rowdy weekend activities – boys, alcohol and lots of good times. I was a silly teenage girl who got caught up in a love story and hoped for a happy ending, which didn’t happen. The book had a pretty profound impact on me.

I would not say GWTW is my favorite of all time. That book is not on the list -“All The Light We Cannot See.”

There are others I plan to vote for. What about you? How many have you read? Is your favorite on the list?

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