Easy Fig Jam

I don’t recall ever having a fresh fig. In fact, I expect I have had very few dried figs. Being from the North we didn’t have fig trees. Although I did have an old Italian landlady, back in the day, who had a fig tree and ever year before winter she would dig a trench and bury that tree then dig it back up in the Spring.

Fig trees grow well in the South and there is a fig tree at the community garden where I volunteer. Fruit on that tree is just starting to ripen and I picked a handful this week. Our Master Gardener suggested that I make fig jam. With a recipe from Kellie at The Suburban Soapbox, adjusting her recipe (remember I only had a handful of figs) I whipped up a small batch of jam.  So easy even I could do it.

The internet told me that figs are good with gorgonzola or goat cheese. I only had blue so I tried it (almost the same as gorgonzola). YUM! Bud thought so too. Figs are also good for you, low in calories, no fat and lots of potassium, calcium and other vitamins and minerals (probably not so good as jam).

Skip on over to The Suburban Soapbox and see what else Kellie is cooking up.

Recipe for Kellie’s Easy Fig Jam

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