What’s All This B*&!*hit

All this B*&!*hit could’ve been avoided if they would’ve just done the right thing

reply to a comment on Facebook

This is all we need considering all the other B.S. we have going on.

response on Facebook to the asteroid

Just two examples of posts from people who think this (whatever this is) is BS. So, What is all this BS that is going on?


It is is real and it is here. There are people who don’t believe it; I am not one of them. I know nurses, EMT’s and others who live it day in and day out, and watch people suffer and die from the disease. I don’t want it.

Protests / Riots?

Let me be clear, I do not support or condone the senseless rioting, destruction of property, and looting. The protesters were peaceful and speaking out for the murder of one black man at the hands of four policeman. It was a culminations of years and years of anger, frustration and suppression. I do fully support the cause and peaceful protests and donate with pride.


I do not profess to know what a person of color’s life is like. I am a white person of privilege – living in middle-class neighborhood with 2 new cars in the drive, food on the table and money to pay the bills. I do not like to think of myself as racists but, honestly, I have asked myself that question.

Growing up in the northern US in the 1950’s and 1960’s I had very little contact the blacks. There was one family in our school. My father was racists and called blacks N***; he was in the Army with some. But I didn’t feel like I had to be that way, I just knew that I couldn’t let him know if I was dating one.

When I graduated from college in 1970, my friend from college (a black woman) and I were looking for an apartment. We looked in a white neighborhood and a black neighborhood, I chose the white, she called me racist and we never spoke again. I was shocked! Was I racist? Did I not want to live there because of the neighborhood? I still don’t know.

Clearly the four policeman are racists. It is on video – 8 mins and 44 seconds! We have all watched it; if you haven’t seen at least some of it, you should. It is sickening and heartbreaking. There is no punishment too severe.

Is all of this BS? I think not.

I think not. Racism is real and it lives! The world has woken up and sees it! The time for change is now.

Let’s come together and end the divisiveness for a better America and a better World.

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