It’s For The Birds – Our Back Yard

Even though we live in a suburban neighborhood, we have a good spot for birdwatching.

We have two feeders and suet. Fruit, seeds, nuts and mealworms make up the mix. Blackbirds and Blue Jays love the mealworms, the Thatcher goes for the suet, Cardinals seem to eat everything

While the birds are pretty to see, they aren’t as entertaining as the white-nosed squirrel. He isn’t very brave so he makes me laugh in his attempts to get food.

That’s not the same feeder, he thinks

When I first put this platform feeder out, Mr. Squirrel thought he could get to the feed from the birdbath. Hours later, after getting on it a few times, he got his nerve up and jumped, landed with his front feet hanging on the side. The feeder swung, flipped, he and the feed went flying. Guess he got what he wanted.

One afternoon I was sitting inside reading I looked up to see something hanging on our feeder. At first glance it appeared to be the pesky squirrel. Oh no! It was Rocky Racoon! He is very big, don’t you agree?

Here is Rocky after the feeder fell down.

I now have to watch and bring the feeders in for the night. It is after all, just for the birds.

Wednesday Challenge, For The Birds – June 10, 2020

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