What is Justice?

The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge of June 4 was Justice for All. It started my mind whirling and wondering, What is justice?

Justice for all

With the killing of George Floyd there has been an uprising throughout the world demanding justice. Black Lives Matter is the cry; All Lives Matter cannot happen until all lives matter they say. Will justice be served if we think about one race and not look at all?

When children were gunned down in their schools, people protested seeking gun reform. Gun rights activists and the NRA fought back. Politicians bowed. Where is the justice for the dead, injured, traumatized and those living with the pain of loss?

The COVID virus hit the US killing more than 110,000 people; it continues to spread and kill. States shutdown, facemasks and social distancing guidelines were put in place. The economy went in a freefall, unemployment skyrocketed. People protested. States responded with varying degrees of concern. Open up now, cried some. The economy was more important than people’s lives. Is justice being served for all?

Justice is the quality of being fair, righteous, equitable, or moral. There are more battles to be fought. The fight for justice for all must continue.

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