Scrambled Eggs for Tremor Tuesday

Good morning all you breakfast fans! Sundays in our house calls for a big, farmer-style breakfast– fried! Potatoes with onions, sausage or bacon and eggs. It is not for weight watchers!

Usually Bud is in charge of the eggs. He prefers them sunny-side up with no shells, which is not something trembling hands is good at.

But this week I was feeling quite good and optomistic; so I decided to give it a go. Two bowls, one for the unbroken yolk/no shells and one to crack the egg into.

One down – success! Two – yeah, I can do this! Three – whoops, it broke. Four, five, six, seven! DAMN! Scrambled eggs, it is.

Scrambled eggs

The point of the story

For those who don’t have tremors, it is very common that any activity causing stress or anxiety and/or involving repetitive activity will exacerbate the tremors. Yes, for those of us with tremors a seemingly simple task like cracking an egg can be troublesome.

People with tremors exhibit the tremor in different ways. Some, like me, show it in their hands. Others it might show in their voice, a head movement or gate. While one person might not be able to crack an egg, another might be perfectly fine at it.

That is the crazy thing about this condition. It manifests in so many different ways and makes each of us unique in our own way.

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