Familiar and Not So Familiar Photos

Junior Class of 1939
Sidney High School
Sidney, New York
(my Father's class)

I discovered this photo while housecleaning at Mom’s. Originally I thought it was her class but it didn’t fit, she would have been 12. Dad left school early to fight in WWII. I wonder, is this when he left?

Photos from My Family

Mom’s parent – Laurence & Luella Boyd
Dad’s parents – Wiiliam & Mary Moss
My Parent’s 50th Anniversary 1997

Thanks for taking this short walk with me down memory lane. My grandparents, dad and his siblings, are gone as are five of my mother’s siblings.

These pictures all hung in my mother’s hallway until we put the house for sale and I brought them home. There are hundreds more in the albums and bins, a real treasure trove of family photos.

9 thoughts on “Familiar and Not So Familiar Photos

  1. How lovely to look back at your family photos, each one evokes another forgotten memory.
    I do like the class of 1939. The war in Europe began in 1939, but the US didn’t join the UK in the fight until after the Japanese bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbour, December 1941. Hope that helps to clarify the year when your dad left school.
    Thank you for sharing such treasures with our Weekly Prompts challenge. 🙂

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      1. It must have been a terribly frightening time for all those involved, the murdered jews, the victims of the bombings over here in the UK and like you say all those in involved in the armed services. Shocking.

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      2. In the US the virus is out of control and people cant make a small sacrifice to quiet it down. We are in deep trouble if we ever need them to make the ultimate sacrifice. But that’s another matter.

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      3. I live in a tourist town and it is 97% book for this holiday weekend. Money rules. People dont care if someone else gets sick as long as they can go on vacation and all our elected officials care about is trying to save the economy. Dr. Fauci’s voice is not being heard. Yes, it is awful. But we have a very comfortable home to shelter in.

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      4. Stay there Judy! Last week I went out for the first time since 12th March for a medical appointment. I was greeted at the door, given a mask instead of my own, given hand gel to use and had my temperature taken and all within a couple of feet of the door. All the staff wore PPE, it was very reassuring. I have no intention of visiting anywhere else.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your family photos with us. Photos help us realize and appreciate the fact that there are family histories we are not aware of and that visiting these archived ( boxed) photos help us remember our roots.

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