Being the Best Of Yourself

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot… – Cyranny’s Cove Sunday Writing Challenge

Soon after I graduated college, I went to work in a large corporate office. It was pretty structured. Coffee breaks were 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon. A cart was wheeled around each floor where you could purchase coffee and a snack.

We had this cute, gregarious guy who came in the morning. He always had a smile and chatted with us girls, like he was one of us.

He was the type of person who gave advice and you might believe him. Once he told us he used vaseline to style his hair. This was back in the Dippidy Do days. Well, let me say – it doesn’t work!

Another time, I don’t know why I said “I’m so stupid” but he became very serious and said “Never say you are stupid, you aren’t.”

I don’t know why he reacted as he did and I can’t say I’ve never said that again. It’s a poor figure of speech, I know. He is someone I will never forget and advice I will always remember.

2 thoughts on “Being the Best Of Yourself

  1. Don’t you just love the random people in our lives that stick with us for the longest time? I was out once, and a man just came up to me and said “Life is beautiful. Remember that.” And he left.

    That was some seven years ago. I never really forgot bout that.

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