Is is Reality or Alternate Reality?

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The world is in disarray. Typhoons in Korea. Corona virus around the world. Unrest in Belarus, the Middle East and multiple other countries. Oil spills in Africa. Just to name a few.

Back here at home, the US is fighting wild fires in numerous western states while a deadly hurricane rips through Texas and Louisiana on its trek north. Racism lives, sadly; protesters take to the streets. Police murder black men and white men walk free. COVID-19 continues to take over 1,000 lives daily. The economy is in shambles – millions file for unemployment weekly. People are being evicted from their homes and loosing their health insurance. Just to name a few. The American citizen lives in reality.

Where is Trump and his Administration? Partying in Washington at the Republican National Convention, where he will accept his parties nomination for four more years. They are painting a picture of a virus that is under control and a vaccine that will miraculously appear by year end, ignoring the unemployment reality, and leaving the wildfires and hurricane damage to the states. They live in an alternate reality.

Where are our elected officials? They are on a 4-week break. Republicans and Democrats cannot put their own self-interests and the demands of the President aside to work together for the good of the people. So they relax in the lavish lifestyles while Americans suffer.

There is a major disconnect between the reality that the citizens of this country live and the alternate reality that is spewed by Trump and this Administration. We have an election coming up and it is time to put people in charge that will work for the people to repair that connection.

To all in the US, Vote Biden-Harris for the good of the people!!

4 thoughts on “Is is Reality or Alternate Reality?

  1. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    I saw a really interesting presentation today by the chief of emergency medicine at Massachusetts General. He said, among other things, that people should be skeptical of any vaccine that gets released before the end of this year as it’s probably politically motivated and hasn’t gone through the rigour that is needed to get a vaccine approved.

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