Weekend Challenge – Reflections – Weekly Prompts

Weekend Challenge – Reflection

Eulogy for Regina Ann Talbot

Hello friends and family. I am Mary Pat Grapple. We are here today to reflect on the life of Regina Ann Talbot.

Reggie was my dear friend and her sudden passing leaves a hole in my heart.

I met Reggie in college and to be honest I didn’t like her much when we first met. I guess I felt intimidated. She was tall, thin and beautiful in an intriguing way. You knew when she entered a room even before she spoke.

We were in many of the same classes and started studying together. Our friendship grew and we became inseparable. This had an added benefit – she was a “guy magnet.”

After college we had busy lives. Reggie’s caring and compassionate concern for the less fortunate manifested itself in work at the Soup Kitchen and she was a political activist for disabled veterans. She will be missed by those she came to know.

So today, folks, as we reflect on Reggie’s life she would expect us to treat:

  • Hurt with Compassion
  • Conflict with Resolve
  • Division with Unity
  • Contempt with Respect
  • Hate with Love

Rest in peace my dear friend. I will miss you.

Disclaimed: The persons here are fiction and no reference to any person alive or dead is intended.

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