Coronavirus Hits the White House

We all knew it could happen. It was just a matter of time and today it happened. Trump and FLOTUS tested positive for Coronavirus. It has dominated the news and talk shows. Trump’s fake media has expressed their sympathies and wishes them a speedy recovery.

People on social media and around the world have not been that gracious, however, me included. My sympathies and well wishes lasted about long enough to walk to the kitchen and pour my first cup of coffee.

Trump doesn’t deserve our concern. Tell me I am cold-hearted, un-Christian, whatever you feel like saying. You are probably correct, but the last 4 years have made it so.

Consider This:

Trump lies! And, he promised an October surprise. He is loosing the election, he is millions of dollars in debit and his creditors are demanding money, he needs an October surprise.

Picture it:

It is 1:00 AM on October 2nd. Trump, sitting in bed, takes to twitter and puts out his tweet.

google image

Of course it has all been planned, his closest advisor Hope “Hopey” Hicks will play the fall guy, she is the source of Trump and Melania‘s infection.

He hopes this will dominate the media and overshadow all the other issues plaquing him and his Presidency – his dismal poll number, his tax returns, Covid death toll, his disgusting debate performance, to name a few. He needs a positive popularity boost to help him win. By winning he can stave off the creditors and investigations.

So what’s next:

Time will tell; but I would expect a speedy recovery from some miracle drug. His popularity will get a positive boost and, God forbid, he wins re-election.

So, my fellow Americans, be vigilant and don’t take your eyes off the ball. We must stay focused.

America must win. Vote Biden-Harris.

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