Hope, Faith and Laughter

Morale: When you think all is lost and life is hopeless,
trust faith - you can laugh again, 

The past few weeks have been particularly stressful. Anxiety and feelings of despair fill my head day and night. Whatever will happen if we lose the election? We are losing to COVID, they have given up on it; so there will be no hope. I cannot turn the thoughts off in my head.

This past Friday my dear mother turned 93 and I couldn’t see or talk to her. She has dementia so she didn’t miss me, but I miss her. For years I forgot her birthday, she noticed. Now when I remember, she doesn’t notice.

Amongst all that is happening, my sister texts and says she thinks it is now time for mom to go to a home where there are people who know how to care for those with memory loss. I agree but we know our brother will not agree.

We forge ahead and investigate options and gather information to present to him. We find a lovely place centrally located and setup a Zoom meeting.

It’s 8 am and 10 minutes into the call all hell breaks lose! Tempers flare! Stamping feet, pounding fists, yelling, screaming, accusations — via ZOOM!

Two hours later I was able to get it back to a somewhat civilized conversation and all agreed on a path forward. I hope our relationships aren’t damaged too badly.

This brings me to my story.

My father was a WWII Veteran. Mom, being his spouse, is entitled to benefits for her care.

Patriot Angels, an agency that was recommended to us, helps people like us get the benefits our loved ones deserve. After reviewing the qualifications, mom’s needs and their rules, the young lady confirms mom’s eligibility and explains the process. She gives me a 100% guarantee of benefits with one caveat,

“that she does not have $1 million stuffed under the mattress.”

Laughing hysterically, I said…

“I sure hope not because we just sold the mattress.”


2 thoughts on “Hope, Faith and Laughter

  1. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    Ha ha. That would be a bummer if the money was in the mattress. It’s so sad when we can’t see our elderly relatives. My father-in-law passed away in June and my daughters and I only saw him once or twice in the six months before he died because of COVID restrictions. It does make you wonder if locking down is the right thing to do.
    Take care and I hope the election result is a good one. As a Canadian, I am watching with great interest.

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