What Do Our Stats Tell Us?

March 2020 the Corona Virus was hitting the US, States were going into various stages of lockdown. Confined to home, I decided to restarted a blog, Delight in Your Garden.

Now that 2020 has ended, let’s look back at the year’s stats and see if there is a plan to go forward.

Overall Stats

From roughly 210 posts, there were:

  • 1,104 Visitors

Like almost any statistical analysis, these figures can be interpreted different ways. But, without looking deeper into the individual posts, they are meaningless except as a starting point. I will save that exercise for another time.

Most Interesting Stat to Me

When I create content, I try to keep in mind that people all around the world may be seeing and reading my posts. I quite often will let Bud in on where my visitors are from; he is impressed. Over the past 10 months, I have had visitors from:

  • 51 Different Countries

To accommodate non-English speaking visitors, the TRANSLATE option has been added to my site. I hope it is useful.


The chart of views by month shows the best month of the period – December, with November a close second. After a slow start in March and April, my blog got rolling.

Finally, Most Viewed

What does getting a blog post view of 1 or 30 tell us? Site traffic, good title/bad title, good/bad topic? This is an area to work on and watch. Interestingly, when ask by Jan on the Blog in her 12 Days of Christmas Blog Party to share the blog I am most proud of in 2020, I unknowingly chose the one with the most views.

Next Steps

One thing became clear to me, not from stats but from users, my blog posts were not easy to find once they left the home page. With the new year, I have corrected that by adding some pages. All posts are assigned a Category, some more than one. Posts from each Category are linked to from its respective page(s). A short excerpt and featured image are shown on the page(s).

  • MAIN MENU (each item is a page)
    • Home (shows the most current post)
    • Meet Miss Judy (my About page)
    • Books
      • links to posts with the Category Books – the 5 latest are listed and a Load More)
    • Food and Beverage
    • Gardening
    • Life and Living
    • Odds and Ends
    • Writings

A Search box is available as well.

I have much to learn, but the ride is exciting. Thanks for following along. I hope to provide more exciting or interesting content in 2021.

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