Riverwalk on the Waccamaw

“Not long after sunrise on a Sunday morning, the Waccamaw River (in historic Conway) looks as slick as blackstrap molasses.” Charleston Magazine

The Waccamaw River is a river, approximately 140 miles long, in southeastern North Carolina and eastern South Carolina in the United States. It drains an area of approximately 1,110 square miles in the coastal plain along the eastern border between the two states into the Atlantic Ocean. Wikipedia

The river is the considered to be the finest blackwater river in the southeast US. It provides clean drinking water, scenic landscapes, diverse fish and wildlife, outstanding recreation, and is an economic driver that serves the region.

Walking along the river you get a glimpse into the history of the area, viewing the abandoned buildings used for shipments of tobacco and turpentine, and peanut production.

Waccamaw is a Sioux Indian tribe in the Waccamaw river valley in southeastern Carolinas.

I hope you enjoy the short stroll along this local South Carolina gem. Come visit Historic Conway some day.

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