What is your mark?

Life is fragile, fleeting and clear.
Easily altered by events unseen.
We are as a drop trying to hold on.
Yet knowing there will come a time.
Choices we make set the legacy we leave.
Ask - What mark will you leave?

As I look back on this week, I wonder about the lives of those involved in the events at our nation’s Capitol . So many bad choices, senseless loss of life and damage to our government by a few.

All was not lost. Democracy prevailed, although frail. Most who went to the rally, respected government and went home. This will be written in their legacy.

The mob that stormed the capital did not go to the rally to hear their President and respectfully show their dissatisfaction with the election. They went as terrorists! Encouraged by Trump, his son, his lawyer, lawmakers, and others, they lost! A fitting legacy indeed.

RDP – Friday – Mob

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