Friday Facts – Feb 5

It’s Friday! It has been a heck of a week and I didn’t find much interesting these past 7 days. You see, Bud and I have had COVID.

So, this week I thought I would share some of our experiences with having COVID.

1. The same but different

It has been 10 days since Bud’s symptoms showed – 2 days before mine. He was tired, coughing, sneezing, had flu-like symptoms. He slept like the dead; it was frightening. Over the last 10 days he has had a loss of appetite, has lost his sense of smell, and has had chills.

I developed a cough; itchy, watery eyes; and runny nose; headache; and fever. And I am tired. The least effort exhausts me.

2. Tired, Oh So Tired

This is the one symptom of COVID that has affected us both. It is the one thing they stress trying to overcome as well. Sleeping, or reclining, is a precursor to breathing and lung issues. They encourage patients to try and maintain as regular a schedule as possible. We try.

3. Testing

Two types of test are available at our local pharmacy. A rapid test with results within minutes; a more intense test with results in several days.

Bud had a rapid test, it showed positive. His doctor did not request a second test. So he has been self-treating and is recovering.

I had a rapid test about a week later, it showed positive. My doctor requested a second test because I had the first vaccine. We are awaiting results.

4. Vaccine

Bud wasn’t old enough for the vaccine until this week, now he will have to wait another 90 days according to current guidelines.

If my second test is positive, I will have to wait 90 days as well. If negative, I will get my shot in a few days as scheduled.

5. What Next?

So far, Bud and I have been very fortunate to not get severely ill from this virus. There has been a bit of confusion, conflicting opinions and information on testing, treatment, and the vaccine. It seems we are living a learning experience.

Bud and I made a mistake one night, we went to dinner at a crowded restaurant. We had been careful but let our guard down.p We have paid a price.

Be safe, my friends! Get vaccinated when you can.

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