Dinner In An Instant (Pot)

Growing up Mom had a pressure cooker. It was scary. Everytime she brought it out we knew there would be roast beef for dinner.

After browning up the beef, she would lock on the lid, put the weight over the vent and fire up the stove. When it was heated up, the weight would “rock and roll.” We waited for it to explode. It never did. Mom was in control.

With this history I was reluctant to get this thing called an “Instant Pot.” But, I broke down one night; the price was right.

Since I bought it, I have used it almost every day. Potatoes, rice, chili, soup, pasta, chicken, meat loaf, I have made it all.

Is it dinner in an instant? No. It works on steam. By heating up the liquid and creating a steam chamber, the food cooks. It takes time to build up the steam. More liquid equals more time. Once cooking is done, the steam needs to release, usually naturally; this takes time.

I have had successes and failures. And there are a lot more things I need to try. I am told if you make yogurt in the IP you will never buy store-bought again. I need a recipe.

Do you have an Instant Pot? What do you make in it?

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