The Meaning of Love

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I met Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty 35 years ago. It was my was first Christmas Bud and his family. Charming, gracious, soft-spoken but with a commanding presence Bob and Betty arrived at the party. You knew they were respected and loved by the family.

A few years later, we received an invitation to an anniversary party for them. It was being held at the very prestigious Oak Hill Country Club where they were members. I didn’t need to be told we were expected to attend. It was not a problem, I wouldn’t have missed it.

It was a wonderful party – a somewhat intimate gathering attended by about 50 family and friends for lunch. After a few speeches of congratulations and a few reminiscences, Bob and Betty danced to a favorite song. Their love for each other clearly evident, as always.

Over the years we have attended several such events to celebrate their anniversary. Their love and respect for each other is always evident.

The family has had many weddings and Bob and Betty always attend. They never pass on an opportunity to dance. At one wedding in particular, many years later, the band called all couples to the floor. As they played they asked couples to sit down – married 10 years or less, 15 years, 25 years, until there were only two couples left on the floor – the grandparents of the bride and Bob and Betty, great aunt and uncle of the groom. Bob and Betty won! The bride’s mother was furious. The marriage didn’t last a year.

This year Bob and Betty are poised to celebrate another major milestone. In December 2021 they will celebrate 80 years married. I look forward to being present at that monumental occasion. It is truly representative of their love for each other.

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