Minions and Minions

Catherine the Great late in life

In the early 1700’s most of Europe was ruled by Kings and Queens. One such ruler was Catherine the Great (Empress Catherine) who reigned over Russia from 1762 to 1796.

To oversee her vast empire, Catherine would travel throughout the land. Travel on horseback and carriage was a grueling, tiresome and dangerous journey. With guards, attendants and soldiers they would cover miles and miles of dirt trails and rough terrain, visiting settlements, towns and villages over many months. Catherine needed and wanted to see to the lives of her people.

It was a ritual when Catherine came into the towns. People would line the streets and cheer and bow as the Empress passed by on her noble steed. Catherine would ride erect and regal.

They were her minions and she cared about their lives. She wanted a better life for them than they had in the past.

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