Friday Facts – Feb 19



On July 30, 2020 NASA launched a missile with Perseverance, a Rover destined for Mars. The Mars Rover Perseverance landed safely on the planet Thursday, May 18th. Its mission is to study the planet’s surface and atmosphere and collect samples for return to earth, perhaps paving the way for human exploration. It is planned that a future Rover will return the samples to Earth sometime in the next decade.

In the meantime, back on Earth, people are dying from unusual weather with no power, food or water and a deadly pandemic. One has to wonder, Where are our priorities?


Reedsy – Writing a Short Story

LIVE Workshop presented by author Shaelin Bishop and This was my first live event through Reedsy. Shaelin was very knowledgeable and informative; the lecture’s recording is available on YouTube.

This event lacked two elements that would be beneficial – examples of Shaelin’s key points and access to the Chat in the recording. There were many excellent comments from the participants during the exercises that seem to have been lost at the event.

Reedsy, a worldwide network of 500,000 writers, provides opportunities to writers at all stages of your writing endeavor. Find them at

Jerry Jenkins – How to Write Dialogue

RECORDED – on YouTube: This presentation was very informative, it provides 6 helpful tips with examples for writing dialogue that creates a captivating story. According to Jerry, by creating compelling dialogue you keep a reader turning the pages.

Jerry Jenkins is the author of over 200 books, mostly novels, and is the author of the Left Behind series. Find him on his blog at and on YouTube.

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