A Breath of Spring

Is this spring? Sunshine long hidden behind gray dark clouds has appeared and with it a cloudless Carolina sky. The warmth is a welcome feeling.

My new garden is a blank canvas ready to become an artists masterpiece. May my creative talents do it justice.

The bush in the garden is a Sasanqua Camellia. It is loaded with buds and flowers appear one or two at a time. What a spectacular display it would be if they burst through enmass.

The birds have been busy as well. This week I saw a flock of robins on the golf course heading North I assume. I have never seen a flock. We have our usual visitors, my neighbor feeds them and I give them water. Quite generous of me, don’t you agree?

This is about the extent of my garden journey today. ‘Til next time – Peace, Joy and Happiness!

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