Four for Friday  – April 23

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Of the many interesting and enjoyable people I see during the week, the following Blogs stood out this week:

From Empress2Inspire – Be Inspired

Dementia Communication Guide Part 2 Dementia has shown up in several of my family members. Mom has dementia, so this was a “diamond-in-the rough” (the vast amount of information available). It was posted December 2020 but I am sure timely no matter how old. I will be passing it along to my other family members as well.

So much good advice in such a short post, in particular, “…sit near, hold a hand, touch a shoulder, give a hug. Be present.” There is nothing more important than to know you care – they can tell even if they don’t recognize you.

From Story Empire

The Importance of Alt Text addresses the issue of website usability for all. Using alt text to describe an image provides that experience to someone who is visually impaired. Read this post to learn, or as a reminder, how you can provide the same reading experience to the everyone regardless of their vision ability.

In my pre-retirement professional life I used to build and maintain websites. As a web person, website accessibility was a must. I have become complacent in that area. This was an important wake-up call for me.

The Cricket Pages

Rachel Mankowitz, along with her two dogs Cricket and Ellie, writes beautifully on a range of topics at The Cricket Pages blog. She writes that she is learning how to write a memoir. She is a published author of Yeshiva Girl which is available on Amazon. In the book Isabel is a Jewish girl growing up on Long Island and struggling with family, friends, school, religion, and herself. Regardless of religious beliefs, young girls coming of age will enjoy this book. Even as an older adult, I could relate and appreciate her struggles. Pick up a copy today.

Boomer Eco Crusader

This week we celebrated Earth Day. Michelle at Boomer Eco Crusader advocates every day as she posted in Every Day is Earth Day. In her post she shared a beautiful poem on restoring the earth as well as links to a wide array of topics on “going green,” saving water, reducing waste, and others. Michelle provides challenging exercises for decluttering your home and life, exercise and nutrition information all aimed toward living a happy, healthy and eco friendly life.

Go on over and checkout these sites, there is so much more information on them than just the bit I have shared today.

Let me know if you are enjoying my weekly Four for Friday posts and if there are topics you suggest. I hope to hear from you. ‘Til next week — Have a great weekend and week ahead.

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