Remembering a Friend Through Art and Laughter

image with music score, a pink rose, black stripes
I Will Remember You – mixed media on canvas by Kate Shaffer
Kate Shaffer Fine Art
Fate brought us together 
Shared passions created a bond
Quiet tea rooms and bustling cafes
Long talks with laughter and tears
Sharing our hopes, our dreams
Our passions, our fears, our faith

‘Twas only yesterday we met
Too soon now you’re gone
Through art and laughter, my friend,
I Will Remember You

Kate Shaffer is a talented artist. Through her art, Kate strives to spread joy and hope to others in hopes they will see the brighter side of life.

 Kate’s Mission – To be an artist whose passion is to express the transformation of loss into joy, healing and strength

Kate is my sister. Recently she lost a dear friend, someone she had only known a few years. They had developed a true friendship. She created I Will Remember You in remembrance of her friend. I wrote the poem for my sister.

Kate works with several different media. Notes of Nostalgia is mixed media on canvas and was made to evoke the Vintage nature of the photograph. It is from Kate’s Garden Series. The 8″ x 8″ piece is for sale.

vintage photograph over musical score and flowers painted in white and rose and green
Notes of Nostalgia – mixed media on canvas by Kate Shaffer
Kate Shaffer Fine Art

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