Parsley – First You See It, Now You Don’t !

four caterpillars with black and white stripes and yellow dots clinging to green parsley stalks
Caterpillars eating my parsley

In looking out at my garden last night, it appeared my parsley was gone. So I went for a closer look. Sure enough – all that remains are stems and these striking caterpillars. Often mistaken for the monarch butterfly, these are actually the black swallowtail butterfly. Monarchs only eat milkweed and their stripes and coloring are different.

It would be such fun to capture them and watch their transformation, but I think they know more about how to survive than I, so I will leave them in their natural environment. Maybe I will be able to watch from afar.

4 thoughts on “Parsley – First You See It, Now You Don’t !

  1. Oh, no! Growing greens is such hard work. These caterpillars look well fed 🙂 You are a good host, Miss Judy 🙂
    The warm light of the day is inviting.

    We have kale growing now… made kale chips in the over (drizzle with tiny olive oil and add crushed garlic), but the birds peck-peck-peck at it.

    Last year we had parsley 🙂 We made parsley pesto and it was delicious.

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    1. The little guys ate it all down to the dirt and have moved on.
      Our weather is starting to turn from the heat and humidity to a more friendly season.
      I have not had good kale, too tough and stringy, so it isn’t something I eat. But I do like roasted veggies with olive oil and garlic. Love pesto and basil grows in my garden.

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      1. Oh, my, they were really thorough. Eating all their greens 🙂
        I never ate kale till my son found this recipe in a YouTube video. I think the hilarious presentation sold. The kale turns paper-thin after 7min (I brake it in palm-size pieces beforehand). It doesn’t taste like chips though, so my son eats it sparingly. But my husband and I munch on and I feel so virtuous, eating my dark leafy greens 😉

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