An Historical Journey Through Time – 100 Word Stories – a book review

In Transylvania’s History A to Z we are taken on a journey through time to experience how Transylvania and its civilization survived and grew through the ages. Using 26 expertly crafted 100-word stories, photographs and narratives, Patricia Furstenberg guides our journey.

A – It is the Stone Age and jealousy and rage are displayed one man to another for a woman.

O – In the story of a “shepherd, bushy mustache hanging like a sunset’s haze over his lips,” and his dog we get a glimpse of the evolution of the language of Romania.

X – Racial and religious beliefs cannot thwart a couple’s love.

Z – Europe is at war (WWI) and a King is crowned.

I highly recommend this book. While it is short in pages, it is deep in content. Read and re-read the stories, you will always disover something new between the words and lines. It is clear that Patricia is proud of her homeland and shares it in Transylvania’s History A to Z.

Patricia write history, fiction, travel, and dogs. You can find her online at Stories by Patricia Furstenberg; her books are available on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “An Historical Journey Through Time – 100 Word Stories – a book review

  1. Ah, Miss Judy, thank you soooo much for sharing your thoughts about my book in a blog post!!

    I am so touched by your gesture, and thrilled to learn that you enjoyed re-reading my short stories 🙂 I am proud of my Romanian roots, as from my mother’s side I hail from Transylvania so writing this book was an homage to her as well.

    For understanding where we come from, is better knowing ourselves, isn’t it?

    Best wishes,
    Pat xx

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