Sinfully Sweet, But Easily The Best Date Bars Ever

a layer of date filling sandwiches between 2 layers of oats and nuts on a long golden ceramic tray
A tray of Date Bars

We go through a lot of store-bought snack/protein/breakfast bars. Bud eats them for a morning snack. I try to find ones that are healthy and without too much sugar and affordable, but it is hard. I went online in search of something easy that I could make and found a recipe for Best Date Bars Ever from Ginny on Vegan in the Freezer.

These weren’t quite what I was looking for, more of a dessert treat than energy builder; but with oats, nuts and dates, they would have some nutritional value and satisfy Bud’s sweet tooth. I had to stash half in the freezer; this worked out well even though they are a bit more crumbly after thawing.

If you are looking for a quick and easy 5-ingredient dessert bar, check these out. Ginny’s recipe is vegan and dairy-free; but they can easily be adapted. It is a keeper in our house. Next maybe I will try her Healthy Snack Bar recipe.

Do you make your own snack/protein/breakfast bars? Vegan or not, please share here.

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