Today is Canada’s National Truth & Reconciliation Day

a child outdoors in an orange t-shirt

National Truth & Reconciliation Day

The truth is not yet fully told.

Phyllis Webstad, The Orange Shirt Society

Today, September 30th, Canada commemorates and honors its Indigenous residential school victims and survivors.

Canada once had a residential school system for Indigenous children. Its goal was to obliterate native cultures and languages. It was a dark period in Canada’s history. Phyllis Webstad is a survivor and the founder of The Orange Shirt Society.

Michelle on explains Orange Shirt Day and why The Orange Shirt Society was created.Also learn more about Canada Residential School System on Michelle’s post Every Child Matters.

Michelle writes a wonderful blog with great tips and advice on saving time, money and the environment. Please check out her other posts at BoomerEcoCrusader,com.

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