Tuesday Trivia – The Classics – Jan 18

old classic books with text of Tuesday Trivia The Classics

WELCOME to my new weekly feature testing your knowledge of Literature – old and new. Every Tuesday I will post a question – maybe a line from a book, author, title or tidbit of information about any of those topics – and you need to provide the answer. No scores kept or prizes given, your only reward is your own satisfaction in knowing the answer. So let’s start with this week’s question:

What is the longest novel written by John Steinbeck? Written in 1952, its title was taken from a phrase in the Bible.

  1. Of Mice and Men
  2. East of Eden
  3. The Grapes of Wrath

Enter your answer in the Comments.

It is the one book of the three I have not read. Have you?

Please let me know if you enjoy this new feature. And, if you have suggestions on how it might be improved, please also let me know. (I have an idea or two.)

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