What’s Growing? Indoors and Out!

It appears winter is coming to the South this year. It arrived in full force (Southern style) in the Upstate of South Carolina last weekend. Now it appears, if the forecast is correct, that it is coming to the Coast this weekend. With all my plants that need to be indoors safely tucked in, we are ready.


Friends who are visiting, brought me this lovely plant. I will need to read-up on how to care for it.

This past year you may remeber I posted about the Black Swallow caterpillars that ate my parsley.The parsley survived and is now regrowing in our 3-season room, out of the elements.

Geranium Wintering Indoors

This geranium provides some nice color on a tree stump during the 3 seasons (spring, summer and fall). It did survive last winter outside but it has been colder so I brouht it inside.

I don’t know much about ferns but have had these two for the 6 years we have been in the Sotuh. The one on the left survives being outside in the winter. The one on the right dies off but comes back in the spring; I brought it inside to see how it goes.

Struggling to Hang On

And last but not least is my little Christmas pointsettia. My Mom always managed to keep hers alive all year, although they were a bit scraggly. So, in remembering her, I will see what happens with this little guy.

With tempertures threatening to dip below freezing and rain coming severe icing is expected. In anticipation, we have stocked the pantry, wine cabinet and beer cooler and hope the heat and lights stay on.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next time!

3 thoughts on “What’s Growing? Indoors and Out!

    1. I’m glad I could brighten your day. I’ve never grown geraniums from seed. I guess I thought it was too difficult or took too long. It has been interesting learning how to grow plants in the South vs the North.


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