Tuesday Trivia – The Classics – Feb 22

old classic books with text of Tuesday Trivia The Classics
image of Classic Books in maroon, gold and black

WELCOME BACK! This week’s question comes from Sarah S. Davis at BrokeByBooks.com. Today we have a question of well-known children’s author E.B. White. You will remember White wrote Charlotte’s Web.

E.B. White wrote Charlotte’s Web in 1952. His inspiration came from watching a spider spin an egg sac in his barn in Maine. Inspiration comes to us in many unforseen places and ways.

How did you do?If you enjoy trivia and want more, check out Sarah’s Ultimate Children’s Literautre Trivia Quiz.

Be sure a visit Sarah’s blog where she shares resources on writing, blogging, mental and spiritual wellness. Check it out, you will be glad you did!

I hope you are enjoying Tuesday Trivia. Please invite your friends to visit and play long as well.

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