No Zippers Required!

zippers, lots of colorful zippers
Photo by Margaret Neuhaus on

In the dimly lit Doll House, a crowd anxiously awaits the Show, Her Show. She is the Queen, Mistress of the Tease. The music starts seductive and low, growing to a fever pitch. The spotlight shines – She’s On!

Take it off! Take it off! Take it all off!
A raucous crowd yelled from the loft

Clad in satin and lace
With a slow steady pace

She'd dip, spin, and slide
'Round the pole she would glide

She danced to the crowd
Their passions aroused

No buckles, belts, zippers or snaps
Only satin and lace for this stripper's acts.

This post is in response to Carrot Ranch 99-word-stories – Zippers – February 14, 2022.

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