When The Waters Call, Do You Answer?

raging water falls falling over grassy cliffs churning water below
Photo by Tomas Anunziata on Pexels.com

Rachel looked out at the churning Niagara; it fell in thundering torrents over the rocky cliffs.

She knew of his affair, he of hers. The gold band burned, a constant reminder of their love, long lost. Why still wear it? Pretenses for family and friends? Her friends knew the lies. They urged her to leave. How could she? Go where? Do what? The questions always a torment.

The falling waters called, “Come fall with me. End it here, now.” Many had. Startled awake, she knew, “Get out before…”

Rachel pulled off the ring and threw, “I’m done. I’m free.”

Carrot Ranch April 11 99-word story challenge – Water Falls

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