Retrofit – A Once Sleepy Little Town

Board by grey, weathered board the buildings come down. Storage sheds abandoned long ago. Barges loaded with cotton and tobacco no longer arrive from plantations upriver.  Once grand, sprawling plantations, sold or parceled, their structures abandoned or destroyed, the land plowed over for more profitable crops.  Some survive, museums, a reminder of a sad, dark history.

Along the waterfront new, modern restaurants, shops and housing are being built. Grey, weathered boards recycled. Fishing and leisure boaters navigate the waters now, stopping for a meal, to shop or stroll the Riverwalk. Life has changed in this once sleepy little town.

Read my post on The Riverwalk here.

Posting this story in response to Wednesday Weekly Prompt – RETRO-FIT – May 18, 2022

7 thoughts on “Retrofit – A Once Sleepy Little Town

      1. You are not ignorant. I thought the numbers either indicated a type of location address òr the storage capacity for each structure. Many times when I am taking pictures I try to capture the image and not the content in the photo. I still like your article. Good work.

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