On Finding A Diamond In The Rough

Pulled from The Saloon Website

Friday, July 1st, first Friday of the month and time for Cowsino Night! Brought to you by the follks at The Saddle Up Saloon. The rules are simple. Write a 7-sentence story using the 3 pictures in this month’s spin of the machine. Mosey on over to the Saloon to see full details and see what others have written. Feel free to join in! My interpretation follows:


One day, walking the beach looking for shells, Gerry happened upon a very strange object – green, almost black in color and shaped like a diamond, the gem shone with a very bright aura.

Picking it up and examining the gem, Gerry decided she needed to go to Mr. Merryweather’s Gem Emporium to have it examined and find out its worth.

Gerry dropped in at the Emporium and Mr. Merryweather took one look at the gem, handed it back telling Gerry, “You need to take this to Dr. Finius T. Freidman in the City, he’s the expert.”

It had been a long, hot day on the beach and it was quite far to the City so after boarding the train Gerry ordered a lemonade for the trip.

Gerry found Dr. Freidman in his shop on Main Street, who looked at the gem and quickly climbed a ladder to the top shelf and pulled down a dusty little-used copy of “Very Rare Gems of the Orient.”

Finding the gem on page 392 Dr. Freidman said, “This gem is over a thousand years old, very rare indeed, most likely is off a sunken pirate ship; I offer you 3000 Casino chips.”

After exchanging the gem for Casino chips, Gerry walked to the door, turned back and said, “Thank you Dr. Freidman, pleasure doing business with you.”

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