Ode to Christmas Cards – Throwback Thursday

Miss Judy’s Imperfect Cards

In the words of Martin Luther King, “I had a dream…”

Back in 2020 I went to work creating Christmas cards. I thought they were quite lovely, it was fun, and I was proud of my work. I thought, “I will start an online shop and sell them.” I would call my business Imperfect Cards.

So, I created several more and sent them to family, a total of 11 as I recall. I didn’t receive one single comment. Now, I wasn’t kidding myself. They weren’t perfect, thus the name; but the family knows that I have shaky hands from essential tremors and perfection is close to impossible.

Well, since I am easily dissuaded, I closed up shop and relegated my supplies to storage. Today I bring my post from 2020 out to share with my blogger family and wish you all a Very Happy Holiday Season!

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