5 Days of Holiday Appetizers – Sweet or Savory

This appetizer duo could be called Success and Failure! It was the second attempt at a new recipe, obviously the first attempt was a total failure.

The recipe I was trying to copy was from the website Tastemade.com. There are 3 options, I attempted to make 2.

Here is what transpired.

Ham and Cheese Rollup

The recipe calls for slices of ham and cheese to be rolled up in one-third of a filo dough sheet. Sounds easy enough.

Problems: I didn’t know what a sheet of filo dough is. (Big Problem) Consequently it was too thick to roll. We were able to get it together but after it was baked the taste was bland.

Solutions: Replaced filo sheet with Crescent roll dough and spread with a mixture of whipped cream cheese and Dijon mustard. Chopped the ham and cheese in the food processor and spread on the dough. Rolled it up and chilled overnight.

After baking them the next day, I gave them to my taste tester to try. I got a cool, “there good.” I would agree, not bad, not great. These won’t be going to the party this weekend.

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Rollups

I’m not sure where to even start with what went wrong after the filo dough problem. Let’s suffice it to say, “I didn’t follow the recipe (youtube video).”

While I did get rollups for the picture above, the filling had mostly leaked out and left only the baked Crescent roll which I sprinkled with cinnamon. They then had a faint taste of a sweet cinnamon roll taste.

In Conclusion

I’ve chalked this up to experience. Tomorrow’s appetizer is a long-time favorite and one you won’t want to miss.

Hope to see you then!

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