Historical Stories of Betrayal – a review

Cover shows a red shroud on a gray background with the names of the 12 authors of this anthology
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Trust is earned and not given freely. So what happens when that trust is betrayed? Twelve of the world’s best historical fiction authors delve into the multiple aspects of betrayal through the ages. From post-Roman Britain to mid-19th century we get a glimpse of war, romance, revolution, mystery, treason and more in the anthology, Betrayal.


Death at the Feet of Venus by Derek Birks – 5th century, Spring 455 – Can a rival be trusted?

Love to Hatred Turn’d by Annie Whitehead – 10th century, AD940 – When danger and love exist, who can you trust?

A Knight’s Tale by Charlene Newcomb – 12th century, April 1185 – Duty and honor clash with compassion.

All Those Tangled Webs by Anna Belfrage – 14th century. 1330 – Are the rumors true or are they being deceived?

Family or Fealty by Mercedes Rochelle – 15th century, July 1403 – How do you justify betrayal when you are trusted by both?

Heart of a Falcon by Amy Maroney – 15th century, 1457 – Can a victim of deceit find the courage to survive?

Road to the Tower by Elizabeth St. John – 15th century, 1483 – An impulsive decision leads to deception.

House Arrest by Judith Arnopp – 15th century, April 1484 – Contemplating treason.

Drake–Tudor Corsair by Tony Riches – 16th century, May 1577 – What is the price of disloyalty?

Honour by Thieves by Cryssas Bazos – 17th century – Can a friend be saved from an archenemy?

A Not So Bonny Betrayal by Helen Hollick – 18th century – A “What If” tale about Pirate Calico Jack. Wrong place, wrong time?

The Idealist by Alison Morton – 19th and 21st centuries – A dark secret from the past surfaces. Who is the betrayer and who the betrayed?


A marvelous collection of short stories from many of my favorite writers. I recommend Betrayal for everyone. Readers of historical fiction may discover a new favorite author. Others may enjoy a glimpse into history and discover a new genre interest.

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