Assay – Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Assay

I am getting on in years and also have essential tremors as a result I am not as strong, flexible or physically stable as I was in my youth. In November 2017 I joined a health club and started swim exercise classes, then I switched and started attending Silver Sneakers exercise classes. If you are not familiar with Silver Sneakers it is exercise classes for old people. I am now working with the club’s Fitness Coach and the Club’s program that generates a workout for strength, abs, and cardio and tracks my activity. It is pretty cool. There is an app for my phone, I take it to the gym and record my reps as I go thru the program.

Adam, my Coach is not a Trainer, he and I meet from time to time to assay my program and progress. Adam and I met recently and adjusted my program but he did not retaken my measurements; I do not see a difference in my clothes or on the scale so perhaps I need to assay my diet and step up my aerobic exercise and probably hit the gym more often.

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