Are You Feeling A Bit Inside Out Today?

Do you watch news broadcasts, or rather the tv talking heads? I do, with my morning coffee. It isn’t a very uplifting way to start the day, I do admit.

From US elections, politics, COVID-19, Trump, racial unrest, it is frustrating, depressing even. It seems the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

People are personally feeling the effects – unemployed, broke, sick, separated from friends and loved ones – they feel their world has gone topsy turvy and they have been turned INSIDE OUT.

Have faith my friends, this too shall pass! I hope!

6 thoughts on “Are You Feeling A Bit Inside Out Today?

  1. Boomer EcoCrusader

    Yes. Things are crazy all over right now. I hope this will pass, and we’ll learn from it, and be better going forward but I am just not convinced.

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