Wake Up Sleepyhead

She rises from bed trembling and shaky, shuffles down the hall to the kitchen for her morning cup of jo.

“Good morning,” he cheerfully speaks. “Morning,” she mumbles sleepily, pecking him a kiss.

Her hands tremble as she pours, half a cup only. Slowly she walks to her chair careful not to spill, her hands shake as she sets the cup down. She settles in to catch the news.

It’s a routine, how she starts each day. Challenges await, she has tremors. But the sun is up and the waves are lapping the beach, she thinks, “I got life!”

This is in response to the 99 word (no more no less) flash fiction writing challenge on Carrot Ranch. It is not fiction but just the typical way I start each day. The waves are a bit too far away for me to hear, but I can dream. It makes me happy.

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