A Life in the Day of a Dairy Farmer

No that’s not a mistake. I grew up the daughter of a dairy farmer and regret that I never understood or appreciated what long, hard days Dad worked to provide for his family. His life was a day, every day, 7 days a week. Sunday differed, he just did “the chores.”

Posted in response to Carrot Ranch 99-word challenge – Chores.

It’s 4:00 am, the day is waking up for a dairy farmer; it’s time to go to work. A routine day starts and ends by doing “the chores” – milk the cows, feed the animals, and clean the barn.

7:00 am: a hearty breakfast sustains through the morning

8:00 am: to the fields

Noon: another hearty meal and a quick nap

1:00 pm: back to the fields

4:00 pm: a short coffee break

4:30 pm: back to the barn for evening chores

7:00 pm: home for supper, a quiet evening and early to bed

He’ll do it again tomorrow.

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